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Defining ‘Class’

We define class: we set the standard for what being classy truly means. Yes, some of it is about style but more of it is about substance. A sartorial sense only takes you so far. You have to have the right attitude. Classy is a state of mind. It’s how you treat others, how you treat yourself, how you present yourself to the world, and how you improve things for those around you.

Honorary C.A.C.C Inductee: Jeff Goldblum

Grettings CACCers,

While it is inferred within our title that this club is exclusive only to those in the YYC area, this means not that certain exceptions can be made in the form of an honorary inductee. From time to time, we here at CACC will be inducting a select few men, women, even animals, into the ranks of the Classy Ass Calgarians Club. Today is a proud day, one in which we introduce the inaugural honorary member with this distinction.

The living legend, Jeff Goldblum.

West Homestead, Pennsylvania, born and raised. Being classy is how he spends most of his days. Chilling out. Maxing. Relaxing all cool. Goldblum left the burbs and headed to the big apple on the edge of seventeen, where he would make his stage debut on a Tony award winning Broadway show. Ain’t nothing to the ‘Blum. Then, in a move that would solidify his future honorary CACC status, he made his big-screen debut in Death Wish (1971).

From there, Goldblum’s career exploded and his status as a leading male didn’t even touch the shadow of his classiness. Goldblum lived on the clock of greatness. He dazzled us with his mental prowess and physical perfection in The Fly, and he raised the bar for the modern-day thinker moonlighting as a total bad-ass in Jurassic Park.

Inspired style. True brilliance. A master thespian. Welcome to the club, Mr. Goldblum. We’re proud to have you.

Classy Fact: Jeff Goldblum’s name is pronounced Gold-‘bloom’ and not Gold-‘blum’

Oh. Hello there.

Didn’t see you come in.

Welcome to the official site for C.A.C.C., the Classy Ass Calgarians Club. Stay a while, would you? Come and go as you please though, we’re all people of leisure here, you see.

You may notice we did some renos over the last day. Yep, it’s looking alright I’d say. A little coat of paint, some hardwood. It’s a work in progress.

Make like Cheers and pop by when you can. We’re going to keep this here spot hopping with plenty of updates and discussion. It’ll be a real gas.

Until then, stay classy.